Celebrating Design & Innovation

Celebrating Design & Innovation

We’re super excited to share some big news: our SWISSORS® Mark II, that launched last year, has been recognised with the Red Dot "Best of the Best" award for 2023. This award is a huge deal in the design world, spotlighting the best in innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. 

What’s the Red Dot Design Award, Anyway?

The Red Dot Design Award is like the Oscars for the design industry, celebrating the best in product design, brand communication, and design concepts. Winning the "Best of the Best" is like getting a standing ovation—it’s awarded to product design that really stands out for being exceptional and having groundbreaking functionality​.  It’s a big thumbs-up for the best in each category, showcasing their unmatched innovation and design brilliance (Red Dot Design Award).

Our SWISSORS® Mark II isn’t just another pair of scissors.

It features an innovative design that makes cutting effortless and precise, thanks to a novel mechanism that keeps the lower blade flat on the table. This means you can cut with 70% less effort compared to conventional shears, and the precision of your work goes way up. Whether you’re cutting silk, Kevlar, or anything in between, SWISSORS® Mark II has you covered. Plus, with replaceable, titanium nitride-coated blades, you’re looking at durability that lasts​ (Red Dot Design Award)​.

On Display at the Red Dot Museum

This "Best of the Best" award isn’t just a badge of honor. It means SWISSORS® Mark II is currently displayed in the Red Dot Museum in Singapore, where the world’s most innovative products are showcased. It’s a chance for people to see the pinnacles of design excellence up close​. Soon the SWISSORS® Mark II will be shipped to the new museum location in Xiamen to be part of the permanent product exhibition (Red Dot Museum Xiamen).

Why This Matters

This recognition is more than just a win for us; it’s a nod to the spirit of innovation and quality that drives us. It’s about inspiring the future of design, showing that functionality and beauty can go hand-in-hand to create products that truly stand out.

The Red Dot Design Award marks a significant milestone for SWISSORS® Mark II, celebrating our journey from concept to global recognition. It’s a testament to the power of design to break boundaries, blend the practical with the beautiful, and shape the future of how we interact with the world around us.





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