Museum für Gestaltung Schaudepot Sammelarchiv Regale, Shelves in the Museum for Design Zurich Collection Archives

Unraveling Zurich’s Design Time Capsule

Did you know? A vault containing over half a million curated designs captures the essence of innovation, preserving the history of design – and legacy products like our SWISSORS from ‘93 are among them.

In the heart of Zurich-West, at the Toni Areal, there's a space where history meets innovation. The Museum
für Gestaltung, or Museum of Design, is home to a staggering collection that's a testament to Swiss ingenuity. Picture this: 12 kilometres of shelves holding half a million designs, spanning 150 years of creativity. Among these, you'll find everyday marvels like our SWISSORS® model from '93, alongside other monumental classics such as the SBB station clock and Willy Guhl’s Loop chair. It’s where every iconic piece tells a story, inviting you to discover the archives of design, graphics, decorative arts, and posters for yourself. This journey through the archives is not just about admiration but about preserving a legacy that informs and inspires future generations.


Find the legacy SWISSORS® model in the online catalogue of the Museum of Design Zurich: E-museum Swissors
Find a list of all further pieces presented in the collection 100 years of Swiss design online: Ausstellung 100 Jahre Schweizer Design

The Collection Archive of the Museum of Design Zurich at Toni Areal


The collection archive is only accessible on guided tours.

Find the page of the Museum für Gestalltung collection archive

Do you want to take a glance at the archive yourself? Book a tour: Tour of collection archive

Want to hear more about the collection archive? Watch a short video: Video Museum für Gestalltung Archive

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